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At Moon On A Stick we have a great deal of expereince in workshop leading. We create our workshops in the same way we create theatre, through play, exploration and having fun.


We can offer a number of different workshops, from those tailor-made for professionals or drama school students as well as workshops for schools and community groups. We also have experience in working with learning disabled and vulnerable groups. 


Our workshops can cover puppeteering, ensemble work, physical theatre, acting techniques, mask work and puppet making or a combination of these. We are happy to create bespoke workshops to fit a theme or topic of your choice.



If you would like to find out more about the workshops we offer, please contact us.

School Shows

We offer a range of fun and educational shows for schools throughout the year. We present our fantastic theatre shows adapted to suit a school setting and audience.

School Tour

Moon On A Stick Puppetry Theatre Company London Milton Keynes Workshops
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