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Baby Bear
A show for babies and toddlers

Jack Frost
A show for children 3+ and their families

Autumn 2022

Join Baby Bear for a story of courage and curiosity, exploring nature and wildlife in an uplifting, beautiful and comical theatre production for babies and their families.

Baby Bear is happy in her cosy cave and doesn’t want to venture into the scary world outside. But she is too curious about the sights, sounds and smells outside to stay indoors.

Tempted by the creatures that wander into her home, Baby Bear learns the beauty of nature and how returning home is even better after an adventure.

Combining stunning visuals, an exploration of the senses and sung to a mesmerising soundtrack, Baby Bear is a playful, interactive puppetry adventure for babies, toddlers and their families.

What to expect

Baby Show

For ages approx. 0-18 months. A gentle version of the production suitable for those not on the move and wanting a calmer experience. 20mins performance with optional 20mins stay & play.


Toddler Show

For ages approx. 18 months-3 years. An energetic version of the production suitable for those on the move and wanting a livelier experience. 20mins performance with optional 20mins stay & play.

A magical, wintery production brings Jack Frost to life through puppetry, music and enchanting storytelling.


Meet our mischievous sprite on a snowy adventure but wrap up warm or you’ll catch Jack nipping at your fingers and toes! A story about embracing and celebrating difference to warm hearts this winter.

 ‘Wonderful puppetry, beautiful staging & charming storytelling’ 


Moon On A Stick return to transform the stage using their unique combination of shadow play, song and interactive theatre to reimagine this well-known seasonal legend. A playful family production perfect for children 3+



Relaxed Performances

Our shows are created to be accessible to those with autism, special educational needs and other sensitivities. A relaxed performance has adjusted sound and light levels, a meet and greet before the show and a break-out space provided. There are also show guides available ahead of the performance. Please contact your venue for more information.

3rd September
10:30am, 12pm, 2pm

7th-9th September
(Various times)

10th-11th September
(Various times)

16th September
(Various times)

22nd September
(Various times)

23rd September
10:30am, 12pm, 2pm

24th September
(Various times)

23rd October
10:30am, 12pm, 2pm

27th October
(Various times)

29th October
(Various times)

30th October
(Various times)

2nd November
(Various times)

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