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A child with see-through skin and hair that never dries is discovered in a rock pool on the Cornish coast. But land or sea, where does she belong?


‘A long time ago it would have been common place to talk about sightings of Merfolk, but not now, now you’d be crazy to talk of such things.’


Taken in by a young couple the girl is fascinated by the sea and on a stormy night she asks her mother to recount one of her many tales.


Thrown into her favourite story, The Mermaid of Zennor, we embark on a mysterious voyage filled with mermaids and sea monsters, wandering curses and soul cages. A story of betrayal, belonging and ultimately love.

With stunning use of puppetry to take us deep into the ocean and an exciting cast of actors above land you’ll be swept into this twisted tale inspired by the folklore of the Cornish Coast.


Moon On A Stick Puppetry Theatre Company London

The Mermaid Of Zennor

“If you want to see something different, original and visually captivating then I urge you to see The Mermaid of Zennor by Moon On A Stick productions.”

Hadyn James,

“Not only are the puppets themselves beautiful, but the way in which they are manipulated and interchanged from actor to puppet is truly magical.”

Amy Lawrence, BargainTheatreland

“It’s an engaging piece, visually and aurally creative, and should prove absorbing for both children and adults”

Edie R, The Public Reviews

Moon On A Stick Puppetry Theatre Company London Milton Keynes

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